Review – ROM Manager for Android [Root App]

ROM Manager is very well known within the rooting comuninty on Android, it comes from the great work from android developer Koushik Dutta otherwise known as @Koush online to many people.

What ROM Manager does is excactly what it sets out to do, Manage your ROM’s.

It does in a very simple and easy manner as seen in the video below, if you don’t know what a ROM is then this application isn’t for you at the moment, but do keep it in mind for future reference and in the same instance ROM manger requires root access to your device.

If you’d like to know more about what root access is then please let us know down below and we will be sure to do a follow up post explaining what root is all about.

But for now enjoy the video :)

Review – SMS Backup+ for Android

SMS Backup+ is basically what it says in the name, it is a Free application for backing up all of your SMS messages to your GMail account.

How does it do this ? well it is very simple, it converts all of your SMS’s messages into an e-mail like thread and then sends up a copy to your GMail account in a sub folder called SMS.

When it comes to restoring all it does it pull the same messages down fro the SMS folder and places them back into your Messages application (in order)

Here is a quick video review of SMS Backup+