GboardAndroid’s flexibility allows a variety for applications and one such example is with Keyboards. Android has a couple of virtual keyboards, one of the best from Google itself. Recently, Google released an update for its Gboard which brings 40 additional languages and built-in stickers.

If you are using Gboard and tried looking for stickers, you might have observed that it only arrived with Google Allo which was a dependency app needed to be installed. With this new update, there are four sticker packs when tapping on the sticker icon. Stickers are accepted well by users today and its great to see it now comes bundled with the new update.

The new Gboard also comes with 40 additional languages including Japanese which one of the biggest addition. Earlier, Google had a separate app for Japanese Input which though still is there on the Play Store but is no longer needed. Simply, download the new Gboard app configure it to use your preferred language and start typing!

The app is available to download from Google Play Store