News Roundup : Google Arts & Culture search results now enhanced & Launch Google Duo right from Allo chat

Google Art & Culture SearchGoogle recently announced art and culture experience integration right into their Search and Maps. Starting June 20, 2017 anyone who searches about art and culture get a detailed information accompanied with the regular search query result.

Next time you search for an artist like M.F. Husain, Google Search will pull up an interactive Knowledge Panel that will highlight ways you can explore on a deeper level. like seeing a collection of the artist’s works or even scrolling through the museums where you can view the paintings on the wall.

With more than 500 million art-related searches on Google, the Google Search engineers worked upon systems understanding in recognition of artworks pairing with Google Arts & Culture team delivering a much more refined and relevant results to art related queries.

This has been extended to Google Maps as well enhancing the virtual tour of a museum or an art gallery. Now as you walk through the rooms of the museums including Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Museum in Mumbai or National Museum in New Delhi on Google Maps you’ll see clear and useful annotations on the wall next to each piece.

Google Allo Duo Integration

On the other hand, Google messaging adventure doesn’t seem to settle. This week, they launched an update to their messaging app, Allo where users can directly launch Duo Video/Audio chat right away. I always thought these two products to belong as a single entity and now Google is probably realising this as well. Though you need to have both the apps installed in order for this integration to work.


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