Gboard for Android Google often provide updates to its applications so that a user can enjoy fresh features and app stability. This time Google has just introduced a brand new feature to its Gboard for Android application known as the “Emoji Style Mini Stickers” which can be customized to look like you. This sticker pack is known as Minis and they use different Google algorithms to recognize your face and add those little touches to the emojis. So without wasting any time let’s check out more about them.

The biggest advantage of using Minis is that there is an option of snapping a selfie which will further allow you to make an emoji that will resemble your look. There are a number of customization options to make hairs look different, the color of beard and hair, the color tone of your skin, accessories, and much more. Machine learning is being used in this entire process of creating an illustration of character that looks like you.

Gboard Sticker update

Mini Stickers are classified into two types: Bold and Sweet. As the name suggests, Bold is for moments when you are a little excited. Whereas Sweet gives that subtle touch to them. Google has already started the rollout of this Minis Emoji Sticker feature to Gboard application for both Android and iOS platform. This thing seems to work accurately in reading your face and qualities, over the time Google will even improve it to the next level.