Microsoft Outings

Microsoft Garage has been pushing great/innovative apps for a while now, some of the projects mature enough to find a spot in Google Play store, while some stay “garage” products. The latest product from Microsoft garage is Outings, a travel discovery app. The app allows you to discover places to visit and you can check for outdoor adventures, historical sites, city life, kid-friendly activities, beautiful vistas, or the hidden gems.

Outings can be personalized to your liking, on first login the app asks you to choose at least 5 topics you’re interested in like landscapes, family activities, winter recreation, city life, history and culture, and more. Based on these the app curates list of destinations and stories from travel blogs under the Discover tab. There is also a Nearby tab that has stories on places around you and the Search tab lets you look for specific topics and destinations.

Microsoft is also inviting partners to join in building and consume content on the Outings platform. “Outings is a unique platform that offers a deep knowledge graph of places with complementing stories via an enhanced search and recommendation API. The Outings platform enables Bing endpoints to provide stunning and differentiated experiences around places,” writes Microsoft.

Here’s a look at what to expect, according to Microsoft:

  • Stunning images: Let photos give you an immediate feel for the whole adventure that awaits you.
  • Get inspired to explore: Choose topics that interest you and swipe through travel stories tailored just for you.
  • Save and share with friends: Instantly save your next trip to a folder for safe keeping. Share them with friends and family on social media, so they can be inspired and you can get trips on the calendar.

Download Link: Android | iOS | APK