opera vpn for android

Opera in 2015 acquired SurfEasy proceeding which it launched its free VPN service which it had made available Opera Desktop browser and iOS devices. Yesterday, the Opera VPN app launched on Android making it available for millions of devices across the globe.

A VPN Service for those unaware of helps you safely browse the web. It protects one’s privacy even on a public network by re-routing you through a different tunnel. Opera VPN is quite easy to use and setup. It on its own handles Android VPN settings for you and also checks your present Wi-Fi connection for security breaches. As of now, Opera VPN allows you to browse web from US, Canada, Singapore, Germany and the Netherlands region with more coming soon. It also blocks ad trackers without any data limits for its services.

Since last night, the app has gained 1000-5000 downloads with its first version. The app is compatible on Android 4.0.3 and up, available as a free download. For more information, visit http://www.opera.com/apps/vpn/android

Download Opera VPN for Android