PUB GFX is a free tool made by XDA Member to improve the gameplay. And to achieve that high FPS gameplay, the PUB GFX tool simply modifies the game’s configuration files on your device. If you look deeply there are tons of options to choose from ultra high graphics settings to the hanging FPS of your device. This app has almost everything a gamer needs to get his goal.

The PUB GFX app has loads of options to choose from in every section they created inside the app. The Basic Graphic Setting offers to change the resolution, graphics, fps, shadow quality and more. While the Miscellaneous and Hel settings offer improvements in graphics rendering level.

It also has an additional Advance Setting option which is available on the paid version of PUB GFX app. The Advance Setting tab offers different modes like Zero Lag Mode and others to improve the gameplay. Apart from that, you can customize modes as per your like to get the best out of it.


However, PUB GFX is an external modification app so it may have a chance of getting banned on play store or compromising the gameplay for users. But till then its okay to use it and get the advantage of that app. You can download the app and the paid version from the Google Play Store.

PS: This tool have not gotten users banned yet, but always exercise caution when using external tools to modify your gameplay.

Note: XDA Members have free access to the Paid version of the app. They can download it from the XDA Labs.

PUB GFX Download – Free | Paid

Source – XDA Developers