Koler Dialer App

It’s been over 10 years the first Android device was unveiled and since then, it was and still is a long journey for app developers to be where they are right now with Android app development proficiency. First off, developers looked at what Android was missing and developed the apps for them but after a while, it was a different scenario to be able to make a different version of the system apps.

In this case, it is the dialer which we find in our smartphones and we now have several third-party dialer apps. Most of these apps have complex features and often tend to lag in between the usage. Among those, Truecaller and Dialer by drupe are one of the widely used dialer apps. But, a few Android lovers are still in the constant lookout for something minimalistic, simple and smooth dialer app. Koler dialer app comes to the rescue here and offers a simple and smooth interface with basic swipe gestures. It is developed by an XDA member who goes by the developer name Chooloo.

Koler Dialer app comes to the rescue here and offers a simple and smooth interface with basic swipe gestures. It is developed by an XDA member who goes by the developer name Chooloo.

What makes this app stand out?

The call interface makes a huge difference and it makes everything easier to handle. Making use of the swipe gestures, it just feels so buttery smooth and helps in productivity. Even though the app is made simple, it doesn’t lack out on basic features. When you receive a call, you have three extra actions to perform such as reject and send the caller an SMS, reject in a specified amount of seconds, and answer in a specified amount of seconds. And when the call in going on, you can also cut the call in a specified amount of seconds.

As said earlier, the swipe gestures really make a difference in the way of handling the calls. The swipe gestures in the app include:

Koler Dialer App

Dialer gestures

The main focus of the Koler dialer app is to make it simple in terms of usage by using the gestures. The UI is sleek, neat and clean which makes it stand out for one part. Now, coming to the gestures that you can use in the dialer, you have gestures to call, delete number, and collapse dialer.

  • If you have entered the number in the dialer and want to make the call, swipe up from the dialer.
  • In order to delete the number in the dialer, swipe left.
  • To close the dialer and get back to the call log or contacts, just swipe on the contacts list.

Incoming Call gestures

Similar to the gestures that are available in the dialer, here are some gesture operations you can perform when you are receiving a call or when you are in the call.

  • At times if you have to open the keyboard to dial a number in a call, just swipe up to open the dialer.
  • If you have an incoming call or if you are in a call, just swipe left to reject or cut the call.
  • Just swipe right when you have an incoming call to pick up the call.
  • If you want to reject the call and send an SMS, swipe up on the display reject and send SMS overlay.

Another interesting factor is that the developer made the app open source which makes it even more trustworthy without the fear that the app might be using our data. So, install or not? If you are someone looking out for a decent dialer app, you can check this out for sure. Except that the app is still in development stages and there are a few bugs in the gestures department on multiple devices as tested by us, you can still try it out on your device. You can download and test out the Koler Dialer App for yourself from below.

Koler - Minimalistic. Smooth.
Koler - Minimalistic. Smooth.
Developer: Chooloo
Price: Free