To celebrate the “Love in the Air,” Swampy the Gator comes bearing gifts in the form of 10 New Levels, under the header – “Hearts and Crafts,” which is indeed a treat, as it’s also available in the Free version of the game .

From the beginning of 14th Feb and continuing to 10 days after that, a new level level will be unlocked each day. If one tri-ducks all of these new levels, he is entitled to receive a special gift – “Swampy’s Picks,” five of the best levels featured in the full version of the app if one is using a free version. So enjoy this Valentine’s Month with all new levels of this wonderful game. For this, one will have to first update the game to the latest version, i.e. 1.1.0.

The game is available for download in both Apple as well as Android Devices in their respective stores.