Team Behind Install Or Not

Hans Gogiahans gogia
Managing Editor, Reviewer, Columnist, Bangalore Correspondent
Hans is a Linux geek and an open source enthusiast. He is a CS undergraduate, a programmer who recently got into android. Twitter: @hansgogia

Akhil Tanejaakhil taneja
Editor, Columnist, Delhi Correspondent
Akhil is an Android Enthusiast and a Ninja at content creation. He loves writing anything about technology and is pro at reviewing smartphones. He is an expert in multiple facets of content generation and he is reachable at                         contact[at]akhiltaneja[dot]com and you can catch him on                                                 Twitter: @theakhiltaneja

Sai Abhijatsai abhijat
Content Creator, Hyderabad Correspondent
Sai Abhijat is a passionate writer and a gadget freak. He loves writing about tech as much as he loves to use them. If he’s not around gadgets, you can find him along the roads biking.

Akshay Duaakshay dua
Content Writer, Delhi Correspondent
He likes to play with the latest phones, gaming consoles, PCs, laptops, Cameras and when he gets some spare time he likes to do VFX stuff. You can always find him playing with Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere Pro, etc.                         His current gear is OnePlus 6.

Bhupesh Chandrawanshibhupesh chandrawanshi
Content Creator, Delhi Correspondent
Bhupesh loves to write about Technology, Apps, and Smartphones. He’s a Physics graduate and avid football fan. When not working, you can find him traveling, capturing photos and reading books.

Chintan Vithlanichintan vithlani
Associate Writer, Reviewer, Mumbai Correspondent
Chintan loves to taste the hot and piping dish of gadgetry galore available to his senses. Microsoft loyalist, android and open source lover. Being an IT engineer, his passion supports his education which means being a geek                         is right in his blood.

kenny guilfouKenny Guilfou
Retired Managing Editor, Columnist, East Coast – USA Correspondent
Columns: TeleTalkKenny is a tech enthusiast and self-proclaimed grammar-Nazi. He enjoys constantly changing the look of his mobile                                 device as well as berating others for their misuse of participles.

nishant gambhirNishant Gambhir
Co-Founder, Executive Editor, Columnist
Nishant is a geek of sorts and has been a long-term Microsoft loyalist. Now a hardcore BlackBerry user and evangelist. Nishant is also a hobbyist developer on Microsoft platforms. Tech enthusiast, Aviation buff, Published                         photographer – and now an editor.

dion guilameDion Guillaume
Associate Editor, Marketing Relations, MEAA Correspondent       Dion Caught in the crossfire between guy, girl and gadget, Dion is fighting for everyone’s survival by informing them of all the latest, and greatest, developments in the modern, technologically evolved world, and Squirrel!

samantha hawthroneSamantha Hawthorne                                                                Retired Associate Writer, Reviewer, West Coast – USA Correspondent                                                                         Samantha is a part-time tech enthusiast, and a full-time mom and student. Since her first smartphone, her enthusiasm has grown into a                               passion.

harshit patelHarshit Patel
Co-Founder, Site Administrator, Strategist