BOSE introduced new and enhanced SoundTouch™ Wi-Fi music systems. This will completely change the music experience. Now music can be played from anywhere and one can also stream music wirelessly in any room by the Soundtouch systems. Stored music can also be played with renowned BOSE quality. All this can happen by simply pressing a button.

There is a SoundTouch system for any room. All of them communicate wirelessly over the internet. If one has a Wi-Fi and a computer, streaming stored music, internet radio etc can be easily done. Every SoundTouch system is built to update its software automatically for enhanced function and content. It also adds the world’s most popular music on a regular basis.

Photographers |  We Are The Rhoads | Chris & Sarah Rhoads   Client: Bose

Three one-piece systems are to be launched:

  • The SoundTouch™ 30 Wi-Fi system: The dimensions of this are approx 10″H x 17″W x 7 “D. With its new waveguide technology, it is sure to provide quality rich sound experience and will have the power to serve as a home’s main music system.
  • The SoundTouch™ 20 Wi-Fi system: This system is more compact as compared to the above one. It measures around 7″H X 12″W and 4″D. It also provides deep rich sound. This system can be placed almost anywhere due to its compact nature.
  • The SoundTouch™ Portable Wi-Fi system: This portable system consists of a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and a full range audio in a speaker. This speaker measures about a size of a book, that is around 6″H x 10″W and less than 3″D. The music keeps playing even if you take it anywhere in and around the home.



The SoundTouch line of systems will offer a wide range and selection of products. The amazing Wave® music system will also be offered in a SoundTouch version. Systems of all needs are to be launced sometime soon next year. The SoundTouch™ Stereo JC Wi-Fi music system is one such product which is to be launched early next year. This is set to provide  deep low notes and clear vocals. Other systems to be launched are: weather-resistant Bose outdoor speakers, Lifestyle home theater systems and the VideoWave entertainment system. All of the above are SoundTouch enabled. Users can use the SoundTouch facility to play same music in every room or different music in different rooms also.

SoundTouch™ Wi-Fi Systems: Effortless and Powerful:

This system offers streaming music at a touch of a button. There are six presets on the system itself. One can easily load it to an internet radio station or stored playlist etc and set a preset. Then at a press of one button you can hear your favorite song easily.

The Bose® SoundTouch™ app lets you use your smartphones or tablet or computer as a control and one can operate any system anywhere in a room wirelessly. This app is compatible with Android, iOS, Mac OS and Windows systems.

Bose will also be offering a SoundTouch controller as a premium accessory. This controller will be compatible with any SoundTouch system. Volume dial, proximity sensor, OLED preset preview etc are a few features which are integrated in the controller. These SoundTouch systems are also AirPlay enabled. So content from iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch can be easily streamed.

Photographers |  We Are The Rhoads | Chris & Sarah Rhoads   Client: Bose

This new and fantastic SoundTouch system is all set to create history and provide extraordinary user friendly music experience.

Pricing and Availability:

  • The SoundTouch 30 system will be available for INR 52,763/-
  • The SoundTouch 20 system will be available for INR 32,512.5/-
  • The SoundTouch Portable system will also be made available for INR 32,512.5/-

All the above SoundTouch systems will be available at BOSE retail stores, and all authorized BOSE dealers from mid-November 2013.