One of the most distinctive display company – Vu Technologies, introduces largest Apple based TV in the world. They have announced the launch of a TV with built-in Mac Mountain Lion X Operating System in India. It comes with a 2x faster core i5 processor with 500 GB storage & 4 GB RAM.

Vu SuperMac TV comes with an A+ Grade Matt panel which eliminates the glossy finish. It provides the actual output of graphics, designs and videos. An HD4000 graphic card is instilled in this SuperMac TV.


This Luxury TV can effectively be used in corporate sectors. Users can use this TV for presenting charts and graphs which might be prepared on other Apple devices. Consumer can also download movies, music and books from iTunes shop. This smart TV provides the ultimate gaming and viewing experience.


Vu Super Mac TV is available in 50 / 55 / 65 and 84 inch sizes and can be purchased at all Vu stores and online on


  1. Vu 50” SuperMac TV is priced at Rs. 1,37,000/- 
  2. Vu 55” SuperMac TV is priced at Rs. 1,85,000/-
  3. Vu 65” SuperMac TV is priced at Rs. 2,75,000/-
  4. Vu 84” SuperMac TV is priced at Rs. 9,75,000/-