nisNikon image Space is an online storage service for sharing images, available not only to Nikon digital camera users, but anyone who enjoys taking photographs or recording movies.Nikon has offered its image sharing and storage service, my Picturetown, since August 2007. my Picturetown has been used by a great many people in the world either for free of charge or for a fee with some special privileges. However, with a complete overhaul of the service, we are taking this opportunity to change the name from my Picturetown to Nikon Image Space.

However, we really like the idea of establishing a storage platform that is scaled to fit not only Enthusiasts but also professionals on a single platform with top class services.

Mr. Hiroshi Takashina, MD, Nikon India said “The launch of Nikon Image Space in India will enhance the photo sharing experience for the camera users in India.”

He added “We are excited about the launch of the service, as it reiterates our efforts to provide photo enthusiasts an apt platform to engage with the brand and share the precious moments of life. It is a step forward for Nikon and we believe that Nikon Image Space will be accessible to every internet user, making photo sharing a simple and pleasant experience for photography enthusiasts.“

Primary Features of the new Nikon Image Space

1.       Two types of free accounts

“NIKON IMAGE SPACE” offers users a choice between two types of free accounts. Basic accounts are available to anyone. Users of Nikon digital cameras have the additional option of upgrading to a Special account using a dedicated application to verify Nikon digital cameras. While both types of accounts are free of charge, the maximum storage space is 2 GB for Basic accounts and 20 GB for Special accounts. However, special accounts offer more advanced functions, including the ability to apply a password when sharing images, and restrict image downloads.

2.       Improved usability

Significant changes in window design make sequential image operations such as uploading, viewing, organizing and sharing smoother. In addition, a relaxing background color has been adopted for a more pleasing image display, and image layout has been adjusted for ease of use.

3.       Greater performance as a Web system

Operation has been improved with faster system processing capabilities. “NIKON IMAGE SPACE” offers smoother, more natural operation with faster image upload and download, as well as faster response when images are manipulated.

4.       Greater collaboration with social networking sites

Greater collaboration with social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter expand the possibilities of sharing photos and posting images from “NIKON IMAGE SPACE” easier than ever.

Feel free to visit the site and open a free account to explore the vast possibilities with the new Nikon Image Space using the link here