Ayana Navigation Solutions (ANS) and NNG LLC on 27th February 2014 announced their partnership with the Indian branch of German car infotainment giant Blaupunkt launching the San Diego 530 which comes fully equipped with integrated navigation system by NNG and ANS.

NNG and ANS have got a tremendous response from India with almost 30 percent market share ownership in the line-fit industry in 2013. NNG is aiming for 40 percent this year. In the last 3 months, NNG and ANS have started working with four more Tier-1 suppliers and car makers.

The San Diego 530 which was launched as a result of the partnership also includes an inbuilt high end multimedia video playback, powerful 4x45w sound output, easy connectivity for all types of portable media and a DSP tuner providing good output supporting weak signal processing and noise suppression.

NNG will be providing one free update per year to users for two years. Map updates, as well as additional content purchases and service subscriptions can be handled in a simple and user-friendly way through the unique online portal: www.ans.naviextras.com.