middlefbhomeFacebook has just unveiled the Facebook Android Home which is a rich, deep skinned Android launcher .It really is a family of inter-connected and socially integrated apps that are available all the time to the user in the form of different UI elements like Pop-Ups , like buttons , etc. Let’s see how far Facebook has gone in it’s endeavor to keep their audiences affixed

On the looks of it Facebook Home incorporates a minimal aesthetic with a lot of focus on full-screen photography. A feature called “Cover Feed” (much along the lines of HTC’s Blinkfeed) now features on lockscreens along with photos and status updates to populate and make it look more aesthetic. Normal applications on Android can still be accessed via an app tray which is now given second priority on the Facebook homescreen.

Chat Head are small shortcuts to messaging that are highly engaging as they display conversation bubbles on the home screen or any other application in that matter that is being used.  These chat heads open up to show entire conversations with an unread message count.

Facebook Home shall be rolled out April 12 on the Google Play Store initially for a select phones namely the HTC One X , HTC One , Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Samsung Galaxy Note2. Facebook was clear in mentioning that they would soon roll out a handful of updates and support for more devices every month.

bottomgbhomeHowever as rumored, Facebook has teamed up with HTC to bring out a new phone called the HTC First. No hardware details were shared about the device itself except the face that it would be an AT & T exclusive device and would support 4G LTE. The phone would be available for pre-order from today itself at $99.99. The HTC First would be available in 4 vibrant colors and the only noticeable feature about it being that it would be shipped with Facebook Home as default.