Everyone remembers the stock Cyanogenmod music player. It was fine if you just wanted to listen to your music It came with a couple of nice widgets, had some cool gesture stuff, and was easy to use. For some people (like me) we kind of hated it. It didn’t really give us the kind of look and feel we wanted on our phone as a music player. Now that has changed. The new music player created for Cyanogemod 9 by Andrew Neal is a whole new look compared to the old one. Coupled with new gestures, bass boost, and a theme engine, you won’t even recognize it. Although there are great a many changes made to the player it does lack Google Music support, which is a make or break decision for some. If your music is on an SD card, this will be great for you, if not stick with Google Music. Give the new Cyanogenmod 9 music player a whirl. Run on over to Seeing Pixels in the source link for the download.