According to a report from AllThingsD, Apple will soon be launching its new iPhone on 10th September 2013. Well these are all rumors but AllThingsD is a reliable source. Even if it launches next month, the question is What exactly will we see or expect from the new iPhone ?

iPhone 5S can be expected and the previous leaked parts have been compiled and can be said that it will be an iPhone 5 with better internal functions and a few key embellishments. Normally other companies switch design and manufacturing process every year, Apple is content to stick to the same design and shape for at least two generations. keeping in mind the previous 3G/3GS, 4/4S. The change iPhone buyers can expect will be iOS 7, which many of us pretty much know about.

One can expect a faster processor, improved battery performance and better camera. The one major change can be biometric security in the form of a fingerprint reader. Last year Apple purchased a company which specializes in this. There are also rumors of a Budget iPhone which is hovering around since the past 2 years – iPhone 5C. Seeing the cheaper Android phones coming up in recent times, Apple’s market share has strongly been affected particularly in the Asian market. iPhone 5c could be the changing factor.
One could expect iPhone 5C to be cheap but not as much cheap as expected with a plastic covering. It might be available in an array of different colors.

Image Source : Business Insider

Apart from this there are several more rumors which are circulating around being the iWatch, a television, an updated iPad and iPad mini. These product seems unlikely. The iWatch seems far away from development and it seems difficult to have a product ready to be announced in four weeks. As far as the iPad and iPad mini is concerned, their release date is not at all predictable. It could even take up to a year. If at all they release by September 10th then a spec bump is the only thing which could be expected in both cases.