Print While we’ve already heard about so many of the Samsung Galaxy S4 features including its 5-inch 1080p display, speedy processor, etc, there are some other features that are hidden under the device’s surface, and those are the namely nine sensors.

There are standard sensors that have been around since smartphones first appeared, like accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer and proximity sensor. But then there are unusual sensors like a humidity sensor (used by S Health to calculate “comfort level”), and others.

Sensors and recognition technology

A number of sensors are featured in the GALAXY S4. These sensors are claimed to be smart enough to detect a user’s face, voice, motion, and much more. They include:

  • Temperature / Humidity Sensor – checks temperature and humidity levels
  • Accelerometer – detects the phone movement and is used as a Walking Mate
  • Barometer– identifies the atmospheric pressure at the user’s location
  • RGB Light Sensor (Samsung Adapt Display) – Measures the red, green, blue, and white intensity of the light source.
  • Gesture Sensor– recognizes the user’s hand movements using infrared rays
  • Proximity Sensor – recognizes whether the mobile phone is located near the user by using infrared rays
  • Face Recognition- used for Smart Pause, which pauses a video when the user looks away and resumes when the user returns, and Samsung Smart Scroll, which allows the user to scroll up and down without touching the screen.
  • Finger Hovering- measures electric currents that change when the user’s hand is in close proximity to the touch screen. (First debuted with Galaxy Note 2, this is the first time the technology can be used without an S Pen.)
  • Geomagnetic Sensor (Digital Compass MAP) – detects magnetic field intensity
  • Gyro Sensor (Smart Rotation) – detects the mobile phone rotation