How many times have you been confused while diving expenses among group? I have some of the experiences which are not good and I better not share them here but my point is I know how messy things can be. If you are out on a trip or maybe just a meal no matter it be breakfast, lunch or dinner because thats not our point of concern here. We tend to clear up the billing as soon as we could so that we don’t embarrass ourselves by dividing and collecting at the time of clearance. Though it saves us from social embarrassment but we often are stuck when diving those expenses later.

We roam around with smartphones and now this smartphone can be useful for one more reason. Android and iOS mobile operating systems have thousands of applications. Most of them can be put to use when looked into carefully. There are some times you have an application on your phone but you forget to use it at the time of emergency. To clear these things better this week we have a this column dedicated to a comparison between three expense managing applications namely, Settle Up, Splitwise, and BillPin.

All three of them are expense managing application with the same common objective of managing expenses in a group or individually. I actually got the need of such applications because I figured out that I am forgetting things recently so better jot down somewhere and then I found these.


Starting of with Settle Up, the application is available on both Android and iOS being free in the Play Store. The application asks you to create or join a group which is shared by someone so yes it is fancy. Each of the member is expected to note down every expense you do for what and for whom and the final debts will be calculated accordingly. You don’t have to run your brain to calculate which saves time and your brain.


Splitwise too does the same task but it has a pre requisite that the member should have a splitwise account which kinda is a laydown. You can avoid the invitations but you won’t be able to track the expenses. This has a fancy UI on both iOS and Android is available as a free download on both the mobile platforms.


BillPin which is kinda new has a clean UI/UX a little better than splitwise and significantly better than Settle Up. It is too available as a free download and gives an option to avoid sending invitations.


Smartphones stands by their name of being smart having applications which makes our life easier. In this case expense managing apps helps us to shred a little less of our already occupied brain on such activities. These applications help to sort things easier and get work done in no time with itemised details on every expense. Comparing the three application, I can use any one of them because they all do the same job but yes might give BillPin a preference because of the free app on Android and iOS and a better UI. Settle if would have been free could have been the second preference but now the tickr revolves between Split Wise and Settle Up. Forgot to mention all these applications have a web interface as well and Split wise having the most prettiest one which gives a analysis of what where we have spent.