We all use calendar apps on our smartphones isn’t it? Some of you might install a third party app like me or some of you might just keep it simple by using the stock app. Google Calendar being one of the favourite, but now we have another option to choose from. Any.DO the beutiful, elegant and simple task mangement app with good user experience has their calendar app, Any.DO Cal ready for Android. They had pushed out this application on iOS few months ago and have launched the application today on Android.

First impressions of the applications clearly make one thing clear and that is Any.DO Cal app is better on Android as compared to the iOS one. The Android variant as slick animations, elegant as expected and has better integration with the Any.DO app itself. It is undoubtedly amongst the pretty Android apps and probably the prettiest calendar application.


  • Your events will come to life beautifully with smart maps, contacts, apps and social integrations.
  • Seamlessly connects with all your existing calendar services so you’re always up to date (supports Google Calendar, Exchange, Outlook, Yahoo, AOL & iCloud)
  • Fast and intuitive – Schedule with one click and use voice control to add events
  • Awesome widget – We’ve created a widget that makes any peak at the agenda – a fun experience
  • New day, Every day – Each day starts with a fresh & gorgeous photo to celebrate the day in a fun way.
  • Daily Planning made simple. By connecting Cal with Any.DO you can check out your tasks for the day.
  • It’s always someone’s birthday. Write on your friends wall, buy a gift, make a call, or send them a message. It’s really easy.
  • At your fingertips – Cal makes it easy to find great places, restaurants, and bars nearby for meeting friends, family, and coworkers
  • Scheduling made easy – Simply jump to a specific date from the month view or swipe to next week.
  • Need a ride? Call an Uber with one click from Cal (available on supported locations)
  • Landscape view – tilt your phone for a more open view of your calendar (Android only feature!)


The app is completely free to download from the Google Play Store on Android 4.0+ devices.