Nikon India announced the release of Capture NX-D  (beta version). This is a software for processing and adjusting RAW images captured with Nikon digital cameras. This will be made available for free of cost.

RAW images captured with Nikon digital SLR cameras can be loaded into this application. This ensures high quality photofinishing with the help of processing and adjustment of images. This application can also be used to adjust JPEG and TIFF files. Capture NX-D will replace the current Capture NX 2 application. Though supports and updates will still be provided for NX 2 application. This will be brought down after the official release of Capture NX-D.


1. Adjustment functions for RAW processing:

Functions for adjusting aspects of RAW images are included in the application. It can be adjusted even after the image is captured. The functions also include white balance and exposure compensation. Specifying image characteristics is also possible through the ‘Picture Control’ function.

2. Support for simple adjustment of JPEG and TIFF images:

Aspects such as tone curves, brightness, contrast and correcting lateral color aberration caused by lenses can be adjusted in JPEG and TIFF images.

3.   Floating palettes:

It has the ability to combine two or more floating palettes during the use of two or more monitors and later they can be moved back together.

4. Variety of images:

Comparison of multiple images are possible. The display of application window also can be adjusted for better user convenience. Various modes of display like Thumbnail display, filmstrip display, single-image display etc are possible.

5. Adoption of a sidecar format:

Unlike before, now sidecar format is adopted wherein it saves the adjustment data as a separate file. The original data are saved as non-destructive files. This helps the user to adjust the image at any given time.