Google enhanced the overall Android experience with the 4.4.2 KitKat update which was launched last year. Nexus 5 was the first handset to come running with Android KitKat. It had this Google experience launcher which is revolving around Google Now. I personally like Google Now very much and hence the launcher.


Until now, the launcher has been an exclusive feature of the Nexus 5 unless you have sideloaded the apk to your android device which even I did but had to get back to stock. Finally it has been made available to all Nexus devices and Play Edition units as a download directly from the Google Play Store as a free application.


The Google Now Launcher unlike any other Android launcher after installation replaces your current launcher after you give permissions and set it as the default one. This launcher has a different experience with bloated app icons on the apo grid and home screen widgets. On the home screen swiping to the left shows Google Now and right have the home screens which can be increased dynamically by adding widgets.



If you own any nexus or play edition device running Android KitKat and haven’t checked out the launcher yet I would recommend you to try it once atleast. Binding Google Now directly to your homescreen is one of the best customizations you could have only if you use Google Now. You can download the launcher by directly clicking the link here.

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