fujitsuFujitsu today in a Press Conference announced and declared a new initiative with the company taking big leaps to bring High Power Computing with SAP , into the Indian Market on a democratic scale thus making it easy for big industrial installations as well as small scale businesses to leverage these services.


Fujitsu claims to be growing at a two fold rate in the same industry also disclosing clients like SAP,Mahindra,Tata and Airbus as some of their Big clients. They also brought to light that the use of High Power Computing is a clear lead for a company which aims to bring cloud services to it’s employees as well as the end user . The drastic trend of dealing with Big Data and the mass shift from desktop environment to the mobile computing era means that Cloud is an ever powering source to these apps.


Dr. Christoph Tietz, Senior Key Expert Engineer, Siemens AG, Corporate Technology said, “Thanks to Fujitsu, we have a stable, predictable and scalable HPC solution that is helping us make more accurate simulations of the copper and energy markets. This allows us to make the best decisions in a rapidly changing market. The new cluster is stable and because it is homogeneous – running on the same kernels – we can predict exactly how long each simulation will take. And we don’t have to share the computing resource so we can use it to run our simulations 24×7. That means we are getting a lot more done.”


Fujitsu provides cutting edge server solutions by breaking into the PetaFlops section of processing power combines the Fujitsu Software HPC Cluster Suite (HCS), an immediately optimized x86 HPC cluster solution based on Fujitsu PRIMERGY servers, with a new GUI front end which is now priced with a complete HPC cluster now available from under EUR 30,000.

Also if the client has exceeding requirements then Fujitsu has a new Parallel Operating System , FEFS that can deal with huge amounts of data reads/writes per second that connect to all computer nodes in the structure.Very largescale file systems with up to 8 Exabytes (8000PB) that carry enough capacity to store the entire contents of global internet traffic over a whole week backed by throughput of 1TB/s.