We all are familiar with the Humble Bundle which has helped Desktop and Android Gamers as well as Developers. Apple makes it difficult for iOS game developers to include their games in any kind of bundles because of strict App Store terms. That’s why we haven’t seen any iOS games been bundled until 18th October 2013.

Yes you heard it right. Thumb Arcade on 18th October 2013 announced the first ever iOS discount bundle ­- the Thumb Arcade Indie Game Bundle for iPhone. This first offer includes ten games, multiple award winners and featured titles, at a 79% discount. The bundle, as it’s called, has a retail value of $23.90 and is on sale for just $5 (equivalent to 50 cents each).

Ten games featured in the Thumb Arcade iOS Indie Bundle:

  • Sentinel 3: Homeworld
  • Forever Lost: Episode 1
  • Circulets
  • Angry Robot: Wall Street Titan
  • Kill the Clowns
  • Dragon Siege
  • War of Words
  • Fruits’n Tails
  • IncrediBlox
  • Chicks Ahead

After purchasing the Thumb Arcade iOS Indie Bundle from the website, you will receive a code via email once the bundle is over and then you will be able to install the featured games from iTunes Store. The bundle will be available when the maximum sales is reached and the promotion is over but otherwise the scheduled end date is 31st October 2013. So hurry up before the bundle ends.