Sony on 15th January 2014 had announced two new in-car AV units namely, XAV-612BT and XAV-712BT to provide drivers with easy access to music, navigation and smartphone apps while they’re concentrating on the vehicle.


The in-car AV centre head units come with Double-DIN multimedia centre which can be easily connected to a number of compatible smartphones, by which the content and apps can be conveniently accessed. MirrorLinkā„¢ technology allows a two way connection to picture smartphone’s screen to the AV centre head units of 6.1-inch and 7-inch coloured touch screen.


Furthermore, the AV head units have App Remote Version 2.0 which allows users to use the voice commands to operate simple functions on their smartphones like read the incoming message, tweet or maybe a mail etc. It also has MHL/HDMI input which can be used to signal the display of the smartphone to the AV head unit.

The XAV-612BT and XAV-712BT feature 4.1 multi-channel surround sound and virtual centre speaker, added with Advanced Sound Engine. Dynamic Reality Amp possesses a powerful 4 x 52W output that enhances the audio output with loud and clear sound, while Digital Clarity Tuner ensures that the radio reception is always stable even with weak FM signal coverage.


Price and availability:

XAV-602BT (without HDMI / MHL) – Rs.27,990 by 20th January, 2014
XAV-612BT – Rs. 30,990 by 20th January, 2014
XAV-712BT – Rs. 33,990 by 20th January, 2014