P1010784Strontium, the leading digital storage brand from Singapore, today launched it’s Nitro Plus range of Ultra-high speed memory products in the Indian market.

4K and UHD content has been the slowly and steadily making its way in the way we create and consume data, and these products are specially designed for such high performance requirements.

P1010786Strontium’s Nitro Plus range includes a UHS-I Speed Class 3 SD card and micro SD cards of varying capacities. The UHS-I Class 3 cards of the Nitro Plus range guarantee a write speed of 40MB/s and a read speed of 60MB/s. Strontium believes that this will provide users with the required amount of bandwidth that such demanding use cases may require.

P1010787What is unique about the Nitro Plus range is that Strontium has continued its legacy of bundling its famous 3-in-1 package : Micro SD card with an adapter and a card reader, so that the user is covered and this practically eliminates the need to invest in supporting equipment.

All these products of the Nitro Plus range carry the same lifetime guarantee as its other products. What is interesting is that Strontium has launched its Door-to-Door replacement service where in the user is entitled to a free hassle free replacement at his door step.