43-jellybeanWe all were disheartened because the next version of Android was highly anticipated to launch at the Google I/O 2013. We expected a Key Lime Pie or even a newer version of JellyBean. Later we had leaks to confirm that Android 4.3 was under development and left us wondering why Google was holding back from releasing it?

While we had most of our evidence coming from server logs, we now finally have visual evidence of Android 4.3 running on a Nexus 4.Supposedly snapped at a Thai mobile expo, these shots show Android 4.3 build JWR45B in action, prepared just a little earlier this month.43-camera

Apparently the tipper couldn’t get too close to showing off new feature (if any) but we definitely noticed changes in the camera app. After all this we still dont have any specifics of Google’s latest launch of Android which is rumored to be in June. So we’ll keep you posted.