0128-333cMeizu today lauched the Meilan M1 in China alongwith its smarthome accessories. Meizu has partnered with Haier and AliBaba in a strategic contract to bring the intelligent ecosystem products into living rooms.

“Connect To Meizu” is carried forward with the help of their new partner Haier which would be helping in providing logistics, warehousing and financial services at the same time. To extend and deliver new user experiences, Meizu says, they have launched these new products under the Meizu LifeKit system.  The Meizu LifeKit aims to gather data generated by monitoring the users patterns and using that data to deliver an intelligent home experience.

0128-111Meizu says the co-operation of international home appliance and electronics giants like Ali Ash and Haier U+ will enable this experience. There will be SDK access available that would enable connections to over 100 smart devices in time. Some of the smart devices include Haier Air Box, Haier Air Cube, Haier Tianbo air conditioner; X-Light Plus Smart bulbs; RyFit smart physical analyzer.

0128-333dThe X-light plus smartbulbs can intelligently set the brightness depending on the outside light while the RyFit smart physical analyzer can update the information of the body weight, fat percentage , basal metabolic rate and other information to LifeKit to make the exclusive health plan. These two devices will be available soon via the Meizu’s official website