We all know the iPhone as a thing of beauty, fashion, and style. It is glamorous from the first look to the last. Given this thought, it is a wonder that there hasn’t been more done to share this glamour with the visually impaired. It may come as a surprise to some people, but the visually impaired use smartphones as well as the fair sighted. One college in the Southern US is looking to change this to improve the ability of blind users to utilize the smartphone.

Georgia Tech has created an application called BrailleTouch which would be useful for the blind. Using this application, people with eye sight problem, can be successful in using the text message services. This application concentrates on using the phone without even looking at it. The app can also be used for other purposes, such as multi-tasking purposes. The software is known as The Braille Technology, which is used with the help of six keys instead of a full QWERTY type of keyboard. It is still in beta, and the development is still going on. After its release the application will be provided for free and will be an open-source project as stated by the developers. It will surely come as a relief for the  visually impaired.