Recently, Samsung claimed to integrate their Galaxy S series with an interestingly new feature of unlocking the phone by “Blink To Prove You’re Human”. The company tried implementing it into the new ICS update revolving around the “Value Pack” For Samsung Galaxy S.

The first generation of Galaxys were lucky enough to get the ‘Face Unlock’ feature along with the ‘Value Pack’. At first, the Face Unlock was a bit of a failure for the company, since it could be unlocked just by facing a picture of the person in front of the phone. Samsung decided to give a proper update to this, by introducing a ‘Blinking’ feature that could prove the presence of a ‘Human’ to unlock the phone.

Quoted as claimed:

“Included in the firmware upgrade is the ‘Face Unlock’ feature found in the ICS upgrade. In response to security issues raised regarding Face Unlock, Samsung incorporated blinking for added security.”

A whole new environment for security can be formed just by integrating it correctly. This would surely be a boon for those trying to get it work properly and are excited for it.