Infinix recently changed up its approach towards its products, with the brand shifting it’s focus to providing better price to performance ratio by offering better and more powerful chipsets, thus ending the long relationship between the brand and the Helio A22/P22. Today, we will discuss one of the devices that follows this new strategy, the Infinix Note 7. So, should you take note of this device while buying your next budget phone? Let us find out in this review of the same.

Infinix Note 7 Review: Design

The Infinix Note 7 does something that we personally admire, and, that is the fact that the device has a unique design identity. From the camera module to the back panel, the device has it’s own unique identity and can be easily differentiated from the regular devices available in the market. The build is entirely polycarbonate, with a glossy finish to the back. While the device does look good, it is an absolute fingerprint magnet, and might even get scratched if dropped.

In our usage, we did not see any issues with the body, and the device did not get scratched up or scraped, but, the device did attract some dust and fingerprints when used without a case, which is par with other devices. Overall, the design is quite nice, with a beautiful finish and a unique look. The camera module looks different, with a different placement for the flash, which is present at the bottom, and four rear cameras that are part of a circular module. Some might think it looks like a Motorola, but, it is different and that does look interesting.

Infinix Note 7 Review: Display

The Note 7 features a 6.5-inch HD+ display, which is of the LCD variety. The display also features an infinity-o punch-hole to the front. The aspect ratio for the device is 20:5:9. In terms of the quality of the display, we found the panel to be vivid and fit for media consumption.

But, considering the price, an FHD+ panel is par for the course, and, it’s absence is quite saddening. The brightness of the panel is good and it is easily visible outdoors. The punch-hole is small enough to not be a problem on the same while viewing something on the phone. Coming to the final point in terms of the display, the viewing angles are good as well and it does not distort too much in terms of the colors.

Infinix Note 7 Review: Performance and Battery

The Infinix Note 7 features the Helio G70 chipset, which is a huge upgrade in comparison to the old Helio A22 and the P22 present on previous Infinix devices. The Infinix Note 7 performs well in most situations and one can game on the device as well. With 4GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal storage, the device has ample storage, and that extra RAM helps out in managing applications in the background.

Call of Duty runs well on the device, although, slight heating does occur if one plays continuously for 1-2 hours, but, that is something that occurs with most devices. In our usage, the device did not lag or hang even once, which is a positive thing.

Additionally, the battery life is good as well, with a 5000 mAh battery. The device runs a day and a half if used regularly and the device lasts a day if used aggressively. One issue with this is the Micro-USB port on the device, which takes a long time to charge, but, with 18W charging, it is similar to other devices in the 10k segment, so, we cannot complain.

Infinix Note 7 Review: Cameras

The Infinix Note 7 features a quad camera stack, with a primary 48-megapixel sensor coupled with an AI lens, a 2-megapixel depth sensor, and a 2-megapixel macro sensor. The one major thing missing is the ultra-wide sensor, something that has become common in devices at the 10k price segment and it’s omission seems bizarre to us.

However, the cameras themselves are good, with the primary sensor providing good results with ample lighting, but, the sensor could not do a good job in low light, but, most devices in the 10k range cannot handle the same, so we ought not complain about it too much.

The device can shoot at up to 1080p and we found focusing to be quite good in the videos that we shot on this device. The secondary and tertiary sensors are placebos and do not provide good results and are basically present so the brand can say they have a quad camera setup.

Towards the front, the 16-megapixel selfie sensor performs well and can provide good results, but, the beautification was too high for our liking, and tweaking in the software is required to take usable selfies on the device. Overall the cameras are good but do not excel at any particular feature or scenario.

Infinix Note 7 Review: Verdict

To sum up the Infinix Note 7, it is an adequately powerful device, with a serviceable display, a good set of cameras, and an attractive design. For Rs 10,999, Infinix Note 7 is much better than the devices that the brand used to offer, but, for ultimate value, it’s Redmi or Realme counterparts take the cake over here.


1. Unique design.
2. 48-megapixel primary camera
3. Presence of Helio G70
4. Vivid display.


1. Absence of ultra-wide sensor.
2. HD+ resolution
3. Excess beautification by the selfie sensor.

Disclaimer: This product was thoroughly tested by the editor, whose thoughts regarding the product are being portrayed in the article. The Author did not test the product himself, but, has been briefed regarding the experience of the Editor post usage.