Microsoft Windows made it arrival to the tablet market with the launch of Windows 8 which a touch friendly modern user interface. The user experience by the new user interface was found intuitive and usable but there are exceptions everywhere. Keeping that part aside, this new modern UI was accepted worldwide and later was upgraded fixing some bugs with a new name Windows 8.1.

Microsoft have partnered with eight OEMs worldwide to launch their Windows tablets for the masses. Roughly there are 20 tablets which are available in India for Indian population to choose from. Microsoft Windows users can easily pick up one as they are literally making their laptop even more portable.

Microsoft has partnered with Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Panasonic and an Indian manufacturer Lava which was announced recently. All of twenty tablets from these OEMs run Windows. There are some advantages of using Windows over iOS on a tablet but this needs to told to consumers so that they can make a choice according to their needs.

Since the introduction of Windows tablets in 2010, Microsoft has experienced a 629 percent annual growth rate and they hope to continue the effort in future.