In the United States there are approximately eleven holidays observed throughout the year. Out of those eleven, only seven are considered major holidays, which are typically the ones that employers grace us with. If you are keeping score, that is a total of 21 days per year, including holiday weekends, of true rest and relaxation.

I am sure you agree that 21 out of 365 days a year of R&R is not nearly enough. With the 4th of July here, many are contemplating how they can make the most out of their holiday weekend. When you start preparing for that oh-so-needed weekend, you may wonder, “How can I take these short days, and squeeze in as much as possible?”

Before you do anything, you need to make a strict decision to put away the work. This is YOUR time; work can wait for Monday. If technology is not contributing to your everyday stress, then making use of some of these apps may help you find the peace and quiet you need to enjoy your three day weekend.

The first thing on my mind when I think of the 4th of July is fireworks; just the thought of the brightly colored lights shooting through the sky makes me giggle. Luckily, with Android, we have the option of setting live wallpapers on our device, and what better way to get in the spirit then watching our screens light up with Fireworks? Now that your device is beautified, what do you do with the rest of your weekend?

Exercise is a great way to get your body pumped for what’s ahead. Speaking as someone who often lacks the motivation to get up and go, I have found that myTracks has been the best motivator I could ask for! Aside from keeping you honest about the distance you’ve walked/ran/biked and the actual time spent moving, myTracks allows you to watch your entire route on Google Earth and, then share it with friends.

If you are a little out of shape and not sure where to start, you can use myTracks along with Learn to Run and learn how to gradually build up your endurance so that in no time, you will be joining your “skinny” friends on that 10k run.

Maybe running is not your forte; perhaps a nice hike would tickle your fancy. After thinking about it for a few minutes, you cannot recall the location of that gorgeous waterfall you and your friend hiked down to last year. After a few clicks through AllTrails, however, you manage to find it, as well as several other areas you never knew existed.

After a refreshing workout, you will probably be ready for a nap. You are mentally and physically exhausted, but you don’t want to miss out on the fun you could be having if you stay awake. From my experience, a 20 minute siesta usually turns into a two hour slumber. Power Nap Alarm allows you set the nap that’s right for you, whether it be a Nano-Nap, Mini-Nap, or, my personal favorite, the Lazy Mans Nap.

Once you are done with your nap, most likely your belly is starting to rumble and you are ready to enjoy some evening fun with your friends. You don’t have reservations, and, let’s face it, during a holiday weekend in the summer it is almost impossible to find a good campground without reservations, but you’re craving some good ole’ campfire cookin’. Campground Finder will help put your best foot forward by putting your search in the realm of possibilities and giving you a list of nearby places to call.

You manage to snag the last campground available in your area, now all you need to do is pack. To ensure a seamless experience “roughing it”, you need a checklist. Camping Trip Planner will help you keep track of the necessities and will remind you to pick up some goodies for the campfire.

Once you’ve made your way to the campground, the hunger really starts to kick in; it’s BBQ time, baby. Before you left the house, you downloaded Camping Recipes, and added the ingredients to your Camping Trip Planner. You are now one step closer to that delicious meal you have been waiting for. While you are sitting next to the campfire, relaxing with friends and enjoying a nice gooey s’more, don’t forget to take five minutes and just breathe with Relax Lite: Stress Relief.

Before the weekend is up, don’t forget the faithful old family pastime, and pull out your Yard Sale Treasure Map. You never know what goodies you may find.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, but there is no reason why work needs to interfere with healthy habits. Before you go back to work on Tuesday, consider downloading The Habit Factor and setting yourself up some new goals and good habits, and remember, don’t forget to breathe.