We all have been using cloud service these days. With Google Drive giving 5GB storage and dropbox 2GB, SkyDrive gives 7GB and if you have an old Microsoft account, they you are lucky because you’ll be having 25GB of cloud storage for free. and of course you can upgrade the storage if you pay like others.
For the mobile use of these cloud services, there must an app for all platforms. All other cloud services have their app on Android except SkyDrive because of rivalary maybe. Android with this huge dev background couldn’t resist this, and before Microsoft come up with their own app, the alternative is already in the Play Store. Browser For SkyDrive by Bolero.


This app supports all the things that the native app could. You can download and upload and browsing the SkyDrive and whatelse. Below are it features:

< Supported >

  1. Safety Login – It is done through the Microsoft’s Live web site so we never know your email or password.
  2. multi-selection
  3. Upload / Download – Background or Interactive
  4. Create folder
  5. Send a Link
  6. Dual-pane
  7. Thumbnails View(Grid view)
  8. Share to – by other APPs (like Gallery)
  9. Shared folder browsing (Read and download only)

<Not Supported>

  1. Mesh service(Sync folder).
  2. Group Folder
  3. Upload Audio files
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Adding to this SkyDrive API only supports:
– Documents (PDF, text , and Microsoft Office files)
– Photos (common image file formats)
– Videos (H.264 and Windows Media Video (.wmv))
– Audio (downloading any audio file type, and uploading wav only)

Install or not:

As we don’t have any official app from Microsoft so we can rely on this. Browser for SkyDrive might not have good appearence but is appropriate for the job though with restrictions. It is compatible with Android 2.2 and up and is freely available on the Google Play Store. Download and do let us know how correct we are in the comments below.
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