Developing kernel is a heck of a task, I salute the developers who develop these kernels. The development process involves lots of steps one of the major step being testing. Before releasing out to the general public it becomes the responsibility of the developer to test out the product so that it’s beneficial for the user. Kernel development for android includes a lot of hacks to be done but at the same time it should not affect the normal usage of the device. This simple application named CPU spy, helps users and developers to keep track of the CPU states and display the kernel information that can lead to better development.


  • Display the time the CPU spends in each frequency state
  • Displays the current kernel information

Install or not:

The description of this application is as small as the size. Developers can’t do everything and just release the final product. It is meant to be first released in beta stage for which the users should give their response and help the developers for the better development. CPU spy is a simple application that tracks the CPU usage in various CPU states. This can be a useful tool in diagnosing battery problems or tweaking your over-clock settings. This app requires Android 2.1+ and is available free to download from the Google Play Store.
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