Have you ever been a victim of tools like FaceNiff, Cain & Abel, ANTI, ettercap, DroidSheep, NetCut, and all others that try to hijack your session via “Man In The Middle” through ARP spoofing / ARP poisoning ?
Too much huh?
Basically all these ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) related attacks in Wi-Fi networks, like DOS (Denial Of Service) or MITM (Man In The Middle) which break your privacy and steal your data. You can now secure your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Live.com, eBay usage and defend yourself with a single app called Wifi Protector.


  1. No configuration required, works right out of the box
  2. Experts can change settings as per their needs
  3. 100% silent and passive inside the network
  4. Highly customizable notifications
  5. Easy to use one-click-interface as well as detailed network view for experts
  6. “Immunity” protects you without disabling Wi-Fi (root required). Can also disable Wi-Fi if you don’t have root access to your phone
  7. Logging of all spoofing attempts with details about the network and the attacker
  8. Works in complex wireless LANs, like vWLAN and WDS
  9. Detects networks already under attack
  10. Automatic countermeasures
  11. Uses very few resources (no resources if Wi-Fi is disabled)
  12. Nearly zero battery consumption

Install or not:

Android, being open source, has apps being more powerful that might be fun for some but harm others, like WiFiKill, which are not found in iOS. But there can be apps like Wifi Protector to defend ourselves from these attacks. This app with its minimal UI, works efficiently and has received great reviews by the users so far. So next time you come across such an attack, you don’t need to worry if you have Wifi Protector to defend you. It is compatible with Android 2.1+ and is available on the Google Play Store for $3.56.

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