Reminding of the Teacher’s day, there is one more app to count that is the Teacher’s Notepad.

Teacher’s Notepad is a must have for all teachers. So what’s so good about it? Let’s view its features below.



Not just the features that a generic notepad have but this app help teachers to set up their list of classes and students and quickly start tracking all anecdotal comments for their students.

Install or Not:

Future versions of this app will support secure, cloud-based storage, importing and exporting data, and many additional features to assist you in your day-to-day teaching activities. This app is freely available to download as a LITE version to check out the features from the Blackberry App World. I’ll suggest you to wait a bit for some stable release because this release crashes a lot and sometimes not allows user’s to sign-in. This post was just to make user’s keep a track of this app and install it if it improves in near future.

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