Viber has been the one of the most popular VoIP service among smart phones. Starting from the iOS, Viber is available for download for Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Nokia, and even Bada which is why it has a large userbase. We will be taking just Viber for BlackBerry in this review, so lets find out to Install it or Not.


Viber for BlackBerry has the functionality to send free text and photo messages to other Viber users, anywhere and to any device on the move. You can send text and high-quality photo messages, and share locations with other Viber users, anytime, anywhere- for free. Unfortunately Viber for BlackBerry does not have the feature of VoIP for which actually it is known for but it is mentioned on their website that it will arrive soon.
Viber for BlackBerry has a light and easy to use interface. Viber has an easy setup and syncs with your address book and with the BBM service to give you the complete BlackBerry experience.

  • Voice coming soon so you will be able to make free calls
  • Free text and photo messages with location-sharing
  • No registration, passwords or invitations required

Install or Not:

Viber for BlackBerry is alike a messaging service with same features as any other alternative already available in the App World so why one should opt for Viber over the others?
It’s because Viber is completely free without any kind of subscription charges and does not require any kind of registration, password or invitation for sign up. Works on 3G, WiFi & BIS networks so you are always available to communicate. Only wait is for free calls which is expected in near future. So if you have any friends on Viber who can live without hearing your voice you should download it now or wait until the free calling arrive.

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The app is available for download on the BlackBerry App World for free.

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