For the past few days, there has been this festive offer deal running in India for the BlackBerry smart phones which you might remember as we had posted about it. There were few selected paid apps which went free to download in the offer scheme but are they good to download or just they hog memory and battery ? Let’s get started with Install or Not.

One of the paid application available in that list to download was the ZappClock. Heard of it? Never mind.
ZappClock is a desk-clock and lockscreen app for BlackBerry® smart phones. It has this gorgeous design for your desk. If it will rains or snows, you can be notified by the ‘check your umbrella’ feature which you can share with BlackBerry Messenger. It also provides a slick lock-screen feature which can be customized with free wallpapers from here : or you can upload the one you like.

Features at a glance

  • Lockscreen Feature
  • Custom backgrounds
  • Different background picture for specific time
  • 4-days weather forecast
  • unlimited multi-alarm with custom sound
  • ‘Check your umbrella’ feature
  • Quick timer

Install or Not

I actually was using this app on a full touch screen BlackBerry. Yes, you got me , it’s Torch 9860 with which I spent my last week. I found this app decent. It notifies on rain, though snow was not here in New Delhi. One of the USP of any BlackBerry application is that it should be connected with the BlackBerry Messenger, so that the users can share the updates automatically, and this itself becomes a USP for BlackBerry smart phones. So any of you planing for developing any BlackBerry application make sure you connect with BBM. This application is too connected with BBM and share the updates on the user’s request. This is perfect for a desktop clock if you want else a nice decent lock screen to have on a BlackBerry. Download and tell us your experience and suggest others as well to install or not. The rest, I’ll leave to you.

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The application is supported by BB OS 6.0 and higher and is available for download from BlackBerry App World
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