Looking for the app which helps you take care of all your travel needs ? BlackBerry might have the solution you are looking for, so let’s find out if it’s worth an Install or Not.

[tab name=”About”]As the name explains everything, we will keep this simple – BlackBerry Travel makes it easy to plan, book, manage and share your travel activities.


Some of the features worth highlighting in BlackBerry Travel are :

  • Search for flights & add them to your itenary
  • Book Hotels
  • Rent-a-car
  • Check Flight Status
  • Weather Updates
  • World Clock
  • Connect it to you Linked-in profile
  • Currency Converter
  • Create Trips which are also notified in your BB calendar
System Requirements

To use this app, you will need the following:

  • BlackBerry® Device Software Version 5.0 or later
  • BlackBerry ID (Also used to use AppWorld)



[tab name=”Quick Facts”]

Here are some quick facts about this app which you must know :

  • Developer: Research in Motion
  • Version:
  • Release: August 16, 2011
  • File Size: 3312 KB
  • Free application
  • Website: BlackBerry


[tab name=”Our Take”]


Again, developed by RIM, needless to say, fairly easy to use understand with it’s user-friendly interface. Even though it is very easy to use – however being a travel app they could have made it a little fancier, with an added visual appeal to it – which is lacking.

Ease of Use

Fairly easy to use app, but users have complained of the app failing to auto-sync Email Confirmations sometimes. A bit disappointing is the fact that you are just able to browse through flights and not able to book it. Also, the menus are self sufficient – however we could do with some added depth and detailing when navigating within the app.


I have tested this app pretty extensively and used it on a fairly complicated vacation,which involved lots of travel and hence multiple flights, hotels and car rentals. The app kept my calendar and notifications and I was able to use the local weather, restaurants, etc.

Thought the app was slow at times, and sometimes failed to sync details. In my opinion the app needs a little polishing and fine tuning but it is failrly usable as of now.

RIM also needs to fix bugs such as:

  • Sometimes the time changes don’t apply correctly.
  • Some airports and their information is outdated
  • Sometimes the app stalls.


[tab name=”Install or Not”]


  • It scans your emails for itinerary; automatically adds them to your calendar.
  • Will help you fill in gaps in your itinerary – cabs, hotels, etc.
  • Great Travel info + LinkedIn integration.
  • Helps you keeps track of any flight (Flight Status)


  • Inability to book flights
  • Does not provide contact information of Car Rentals
  • Works only for Air Travel

This app let’s you book hotels, car rentals, make plans and make reminders for your trips. It reminds you the day of the trip what hotel you have and where the car rental place is. Very helpful app if you are a frequent traveler, but if you’re using it on a occasional vacation, well not essential as you won’t be using it much.


[tab name=”Screenshots”]

Here are some screenshots which will help you get a feel of the app :




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