As we know, the Windows Phone marketplace is emerging. We still don’t have that number of official apps which are there in Android and iOS just yet. This creates an opportunity for the developers to make their move.
One such app is Gchat, which is an alternative to the official Google chat app called ‘Talk’.

Some of its key features are:

  • Modern design that integrates with the rest of Windows Phone
  • Receive IMs even if the app isn’t running with push notifications
  • Pin your friends to start and receive tile notifications for each one
  • Completely encrypted conversations and support for Google Talk’s “off the record” conversations

The application is available in to variants. One is Gchat and the other is Gchat+. Gchat is available for free, whereas Gchat+ costs 0.99$. The only difference between the two is that 24hrs signed in timeout for the paid version. Both of them are available from the Windows Phone Marketplace.

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