Android and iOS have numerous Twitter applications in their app stores, so are there in the Windows Phone marketplace, but not that many and not that good. Windows Phone is still in its developing stage. So how do we know which apps are good to install?


This article is dedicated to help you people choose which Twitter client is the best on Windows Phone.

I have been recently playing around with the Windows Phone device I got for review and found out that the quality of Twitter applications are in the order iOS > Android > Windows Phone. Twitter applications on Android though have improved a lot, but still it lags behind when compared to that available for iOS. Windows phone needs a lot of improvements to be done. Obviously they are new to this and looking at the growth rate, it kinda feels like they’ll make it very soon.

Coming up to options available for Twitter clients on Windows Phone we have:

  • Official Twitter App
  • Twabbit
  • rowi

and many more….I found these three to be good enough to satisfy one’s lust for Twitter.


The official Twitter app is not good. The only thing about this app which makes users to use this app is the notifications for free else according to me it sucks. It lags a lot, loading time is way more than expected but it depends on the hardware of the device ( mine was bad ) and and the internet connection you are using. The developers at Twitter should do some debugging, and then come up with a better release, because this will not make it. This is available free for download.





Considering some paid apps, Twabbit and rowi works works pretty nice even on a low-end device.
Both the applications fits in the Metro Modern UI and gives a feel of native application. Both the applications have all the features that are required for a Twitter application the main difference is Twabbit has some customization in looks. They have also focused on how the app will look like adding on to the features.

Install or Not:

I like rowi more because it fits better in the live tiles and the Modern UI. Both are full featured Twitter clients with toast or what we say push notifications. Both Twabbit and rowi available from the Windows Phone Marketplace at the exact same price ie: $1.49. Its all up to you which one you like. There are trial versions available too so you can first judge them and make the purchase later on.