The way smartphones have become an essential part of our daily lives, wearables are also making the cut right now. We did envisage a rapid growth in terms of activity trackers and smartwatches in the last 4 to 5 years, thanks to various makers. Many such makers are bringing to us the affordable tracking devices and one such smartwatch and activity tracker is the Gizmore Active GIZFIT smart watch 903. We have tested it out for an ample amount of time to bring you the GIZFIT smart watch 903 review.

Gizmore Active GIZFIT Smart Watch 903 Review

Build, Design, and Display

As we take out the watch from the box, the build itself feels pretty sturdy in terms of looks and feels. The 1.3-inch square display upfront is housed in a circular dial that looks large, and the screen gets curved along with edges giving it a modern look. From either side of the dial, comes out the hooks that hold the silicon strap in place. The watch strap comes with quick remove levers, which come in very handy.

The side panels feel quite exotic, giving that steel feel and turning on the back; you get the carbon finishing treatment all along apart from the center where you have the branding and the heartrate sensor. On one side, you get the two charging terminals along with magnetism to hold to the dock. Also, it is IP67 certified water and sweatproof, so you don’t have to worry about wearing this on your workouts.

The GIZFIT 903 comes with a 1.3-inch IPS display with a 240×240 PPI resolution, which looks vibrant but sure looks pixelated a bit. The screen is bright enough to be used under direct sunlight, and the icons have multi-colored theming to kicking out those stunning looks.

Software, Features, and Usage

The GIZFIT 903 runs on its custom OS, which is simple enough to handle and monitor all your daily activities. By downloading the app Da-Fit from the Google Play Store and App Store, if you are an iOS user, you can track your actions much more detailed. On the home screen, you get the time, the number of steps, and your heart rate along with the date. The app is simple and easy to use, but the only downside is that you do not get any interlinking, such as Google Fit or other services.

By tapping the button just below the screen, you can skip between views to check your activity details and other such. Apart from that, when connected to your smartphone, you will also get the call and necessary message notifications along with weather updates. Also, you can control music and use the watch as a shutter button to take photos on your smartphone.

Coming to the tracking, info like steps, calories burnt, distance covered, sleep tracker, and heart rate can be easily tracked. Apart from that, you also have blood pressure and oxygen level monitoring in this watch. Although we don’t know the accuracy of the calculation of the O2 level, the BP monitoring seems to be working pretty well. You can also track custom activities such as walking, cycling, and other exercises and get detailed info on the app.


The Gizmore GIZFIT 903 is packed with a 3.7V / 180mAh battery, which will certainly last up to a week easily. With the provided magnetic charging connector, the watch can be docked and takes about 40 mins to charge fully. However, in our usage in which we tested out the watch rigorously, the watch lasted for about five days at max and had to be charged again.

Verdict: GIZFIT Smart Watch 903 Review

The Gizmore GIZFIT 903 smartwatch is priced at Rs. 2999, but you will often find it at a sale for Rs. 2100 on Amazon. Considering what it has in offer for its price, apart from all the basic tracking, features like BP monitoring, heart rate, and O2 levels control stand out. Also, with a neat and simple app, the GIZFIT 903 is one of the best bets you can get around that price. But the app could’ve been made much better in terms of syncing and details.


  • Decent display
  • Accurate tracking
  • Heart rate, BP, and Oxygen level monitoring
  • good build quality


  • Limited watch faces
  • No vibration on notifications
  • No cloud syncing in the app