Recalling the launch of LG G2, the flagship smartphone of 2013 which we personally like very much had few software implementations which actually changed the way we use smartphones. LG G2 was the first smartphone to get launched with no side buttons. Waking the smartphone from sleep was possible in two ways. First, was the middle rear key and second, LG Knock ON.

Driving the technology, LG released a new way to bypass the use of standby button on your smartphone by just tapping the device’s screen which they call it as ‘Knock ON’. During our time with the G2, we observed that this was used more than using the typical standby button. It only wakes the smartphone from sleep and rest any security been enabled works after that. This technology got famous with the Android lovers and plenty of hacks were found coming up for other smartphones after the launch. It was available starting G2, then G flex and LG G PRO 2 and other smartphones launched by then.

Later at the time LG was preparing the KitKat update for the G2 they launched the ground breaking feature with the latest L series smartphones which they call it the LG Knock Code. Imagine Knock ON with security, that’s Knock Code.


LG Knock Code is the highest level of mobile security one can achieve on a smartphone. It is completely safe with no chance of duplicability. Privacy protection is a great concern in present scenario. The amount of individual data which we store on our mobile device can not be estimated. We need to protect this data and that’s what LG has aimed for.


Studying user habits for six years, LG has registered more than 10 patents on the Knock Code technology. Its simple and easy to setup just like any other security on an Android device. It offers high level security using patterns of two to eight finger taps using all the four quadrants in a two dimension surface. The unlock pattern will be kept discreet because the smartphone will record no activity until it is unlocked.

Using this technology is not better than what we have today but comparing it with the Fingerprint scanning it is economically viable as well because you don’t need a fingerprint sensor on your device thus reducing the costs, having L90 and L70 as a witness.



Post unveiling the Knock Code on the latest L series handsets LG L70 and L90, it will be available on G2, G Flex with the Android KitKat update and all the handsets coming in future which runs on Android 4.4.2 KitKat.

LG Knock Code is definitely an out of the box idea which have the potential to be a game changer of mobile industry. The unique algorithms that implement the code in background is a result of lot of effort that has been invested in by the LG R&D team and is commendable.

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