LG has been continuously innovating new products to surprise the public and lead ahead in the market and has been able to achieve it to an extent. Last month, we all saw the unveiling of the LG’s latest and greatest smartphone G2 in New York City and today on 30 September 2013 LG brought it to India. LG G2 is the latest flagship device after Optimus G Pro which was announced few months ago.


G2 is a leap ahead of every smartphone LG has ever come up with. Expanding the domain further, I personally believe that it is one of the best smartphones available till date and this list does not have more than 3 devices. LG announced the G2 at a press event in New Delhi with an excellent show put up for the media colleagues.
Talking about the device, LG has improved on five different elements which they call the top five breakthrough namely design, display, camera, sound and the UX. We experienced each of these aspects at the hands-on session today at launch and it is very well stand true.


The LG G2 packs a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor with 2GB RAM and 3000 mAh battery with 5.2-inch true IPS display and 13MP rear camera. It is the first smartphone ever to have rear keys for volume control and standby button right at the center below the camera. This design is first of its kind and I think this approach can be of great use as what LG claims it to be. Secondly the display, OMG the display. We have always been a fan of LG’s display since the LG Vu. The constant innovation makes it better every single time they come up with a new product. The new display fills 75.8 percent of the screen space on the front reducing the area wastage at bezel. The display also has a dual routing technology which makes it even more responsive. To know more about this technology I will suggest you to hunt it on Google because this needs a lot more words and I don’t want to make this post lengthy.


The 13MP camera has a sapphire crystal lens which is very well protected from the upper side on the LG G2 and has the OIS technology first time ever on a 13MP sensor which makes it perfect for casual photography, the one which are smartphone’s meant for. LG has invested much of its time and effort into getting a Hi-Fi quality sound output at 24bits 192Kbps, same quality used in recording studios.

Lastly the user experience which has got some serious advancements. It has got a new way to answer calls, AI applications, Guest mode, knock to unlock and a lot more details which we will able to share once we get the device for review.

After spending some time with the G2 today I can say that LG G2 is a great device. It has top notch specifications when comes to hardware and a unique build and all above that killer pricing. The LG G2 is available for ₹41,500 (16GB) and ₹44,500 for the (32GB) variant in black and white colors starting today.


Comparing with other flagship smartphones from other OEMs, this turns out to be the one with lowest price tag considering the Snapdragon 800 processor inbuilt. The only true competitor according to me is the Sony Xperia Z1 which has a similar specs with a lot more better camera and a little high price. We might do a overall comparison between the two because I myself is confused which one to declare the winner.