Samsung has bundled an interesting accessory with the Samsung Galaxy Note, it looks and works like a stylus but is called “S-Pen” by Samsung. Let’s take a better look into what exactly does S-Pen do and if it really makes your experience on the Galaxy Note any better.

S-Pen is a few inches long, semi plastic – semi metal stylus. It looks really fancy and stylish, and fits really well into it’s slot. We also tried to use the S-Pen on other touchscreen devices – which proved Samsung has created this accessory especially for the Galaxy Note, which is nice to know.

In addition to all the standard Android and TouchWiz, Samsung has cooked some apps especially for the Galaxy Note and its stylus or the S-Pen. Not only that they even recently released the SDK for the S-Pen to let the developers do the magic with the S-Pen.

The apps and features Samsung has developed specifically for the S-Pen are:

S Memo

The S Memo lets you record all forms of ideas instantly and freely. A quick memo can be taken from any screen to capture your ideas before they float away. Those ideas along with pictures, voice recordings, typed text, handwritten notes or drawings can be captured into S Memo, to be edited, annotated and shared as desired.

S Planner

With Galaxy Note, business users can manage complicated schedules in an easy way using S Planner.

Screen Annotate

Any screen can be instantly captured and annotated in detail. In addition, captured screens can be freely cropped in any shape or form using the precision S pen.

Personalization of photos and videos
You can easily personalize photos and videos using the advanced S Pen. You can scribble in personalized notes and drawings on your memories
of precious moments such as family outings, a baby’s first walk and
many more.


Communication is no longer limited to just text. You can draw and send your ideas, emotions and more via text messages, emails and Samsung’s ChatON communication service.

You can see detailed demo of the S Pen and related apps here:


Far from perfect at this point, the S Pen certainly adds value to the package, Samsung has tried something really creative yet conventional by giving the modern features to a simple stylus long forgotten after the Pocket PC era. We certainly hope Samsung continues devlopment of the S-Pen and is able to come up with a more useful and feature rich stylus – though this performs much better than similar previous styli like the one we saw from HTC which it bundled with it’s tablet. On the whole it make the whole Note experience more fun and exciting !


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