We all know no matter how much we care we do end up screwing our devices if they are not protected. It hurts when our favourite device break down. HTC One V though being a entry level device is not cheap. So it is better to take prevention before any damage actually happens.


World’s known leader in accessories, Capdase does not need any introduction I assume. Special thanks to for sending us this review unit for HTC One V. Here we have a review for the Capdase Xpose + Luke XL.

Capdase ID Pocket Value Set has everything you need to protect your device. The soft shell called as Xpose, the screen protector and the outer slide in pouch called the Luke XL and a stand.


Talking about the screen protector fist. The screen protector is normal smooth screen protector not the matte finish but pretty much does it’s job after all its the screen protector. It had easy guidelines to install it and unlike others you can remove it and stick it again if anything goes wrong in the first time.

capdase_onev_INSTALL_OR_NOT10  capdase_onev_INSTALL_OR_NOT11
The soft shell called the Xpose has properly covered every edge every corner of the phone to protect it from any possible damage. We know when a device falls the first thing that comes in our mind is the screen protected and especially when the device falls on the edge. But this shell has protection on the edges even the volume rocker and the power button which really helps.

capdase_onev_INSTALL_OR_NOT29  capdase_onev_INSTALL_OR_NOT30
Luke XL that is the outermost cover seems to be a bit overload but is necessary for the ‘ultimate protection’ commitment to stand true. The leather slide in cover has proper spacing with internal cushions to prevent any damage from shockproof. It is designed to be used combined with the soft shell. The best part about this is it displays the caller id without taking out the phone from this cover.

capdase_onev_INSTALL_OR_NOT27  capdase_onev_INSTALL_OR_NOT28

Capdase ID pocket value set provides the complete accidental coverage with the soft shell, screen protector and the slide in cover. The slide in cover though providing maximum protection makes the phone too thick to carry around. The complete package is available for ₹1499 from Separate soft shell and screen protectors are available if the outer slide-in cover is not your requirement but remember prevention is better than cure.

capdase_onev_INSTALL_OR_NOT32  capdase_onev_INSTALL_OR_NOT33
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Image courtesy : Pictures clicked by the Samsung Galaxy Camera