Last month or let me call it last year, we reviewed the Capdase ID Pocket Value Set for HTC One V. Today we have another case in our bag, the Incipio NGP semi-rigid soft shell case.



Incipio® is a Southern California based designer and manufacturer of award winning mobile device accessories. Established in 1999, Incipio® is widely recognized for consistently creating ingenious protective solutions for the mobile world. Through an untiring commitment to innovative and original designs, Incipio® is globally recognized for the functional and premium accessories the brand produces without the lofty price tag. Incipio’s products are sold worldwide in leading consumer and electronics retailers, wireless retailers and through

This was all about Incipio® Let’s have a one on one showdown with the Capdase Pocket ID Value Set and the Incipio NGP semi rigid soft shell case. Look at the detailed review below.


This Incipio review unit we got has only the soft shell case and the screen protector unlike the soft shell, the screen protector and the outer pouch we had in the Capdase ID Pocket Value Set which according to me is what we actually use. To be honest, outer casing is like an unwanted layer which do adds to the protection but fails the motive of buying a sleek smart phone on the first place. If you are comfortable with the thickness, we will suggest you to use it.

Screen Protector


Starting with the screen protector, it is usual shiny screen guard not the matte finish one which performs its task very well . Incipio claims that the screen protector is tear and stretch resistant . Alike what we had observed in the Capdase, this too had easy guidelines to install it and you can re-stick it if anything goes wrong in the first chance.

Soft Shell


The NGP soft shell protects every edge of the phone from any possible damage. Incipio also claims that it does not fade in the sun and impact resistant which stands true. Accidently, we dropped the HTC One V with the jelly case on and the impact resistant fact was verified . First thing which came into notice while comparing with Capdase soft case was that the screen seems to be more uplifted on using this case though providing easy access to all corners of the screen but makes it more prone to damage . Secondly we felt is missing on Incipio jelly case is the outlet for LED notification as seen on the Capdase.


Final Verdict

Incipio NGP semi-rigid soft shell case performs the task of protecting the device very well. All the facts stated by Incipio stand true but when it comes to comparing with the Capdase Pocket Value set we think the decision remains at the edge. Neglecting the external slide in cover, both of them provide an equal protection level from any possible damage. We found Incipio better in terms of ease of access but then the LED outlet is missing. So its a close lead by Capdase.

Incipio NG semi-rigid soft shell case
Incipio NG semi-rigid soft shell case
Capdase Pocket ID Value Set
Capdase Pocket ID Value Set

The protection package is available for $19.99 from but you may save few bucks if try hunting at Amazon.