Bigger, faster, stronger; that’s the times we’re living in. It’s what drives every company in their quest to dominate the consumer electronics market and Kingston may just have been the company that caught on quickly.

Kingston is undoubtedly one of the leaders in the expandable memory sector and so I saw it fit to review one of their crown jewels; the Kingston 32GB Class 10 microSD card. Class 10 describes the minimum sustained read/write speed in Mbps that the card can handle, but the average is much higher at roughly 20Mbps depending on the device you use.

The cards usually included in your smart phone’s box is either Class 2 or Class 4, if you’re into high definition video capturing, snapping a bunch of quick photos or doing anything that would need some serious speed, a Class 10 is right up your alley, but if you’re contemplating on whether you should acquire one for your high end DSLR, the faster Compact Flash card would be a better option.

Back to smart phones and tablets, Class 10 is the best you’ll get for your device at the moment, at least until a newer, better platform comes along. Whether you’re taking pictures, recording your favourable 1080p videos, downloading the whole app store catalogue or you need to store a lot of tunes, you’re going to need something fast AND spacious, well the Kingston Class 10 is where everything’s at. You get amazing speeds and the 32GB of space is more than spacious, especially since that’s the maximum that most devices allow nowadays.

Nokia 808 PureView users, this should be on top of your Christmas wishlist. iPhone users need not read any further, for obvious reasons. Surface users, buy it, you really do need it. For the rest of us, who have ‘proper’ devices, here’s what it’s all about. Class 10 is the best you’ll get, 32GB is the most you’ll really need and Kingston knows how to make a good memory card, then there’s the lifetime warranty, if I haven’t convinced you yet, read on.

32GB is enough for about 40 movies, 8000 songs, 10000 apps or 16000 pictures, mix them together and you have enough entertainment for quite a while, or at least until you get tired of them all and need to do some reorganizing. Speed is everyone’s forte, even if you won’t admit it, getting the best out of your device should be a basic human right. The Kingston Class 10 may not be the Bugatti Veyron of microSD cards, but it’s definitely the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta.

While testing the Class 10, it didn’t lag once, not once. Video and picture capturing was a dream, no lag there either. No lag when using apps, no more than usual at least. Copying data from my laptop was quick too, tested it against my Class 6 8GB Kingston and Class 2 2GB SanDisk and the differences were quite noticeable, speed was fantastic, copying to and from the card was a breeze compared to the other too, even with the much larger capacity. It may not be the very best, but it’s suitable for everyone’s needs right now.

Kingston outdid themselves, even though the card itself was released in early 2011, it still performs among the top of it’s class. Due to its age and our current economy, the price has dropped significantly and right now it’s a bargain. If you’re considering getting a new card and you’ve been looking around, then look no further, if you’re still looking for a great Christmas gift for yourself, then look no further. If you like great performance, then look no further. Look no further because the Kingston 32GB Class 10 microSDHC card is here, and it’s waiting…