Truke shocked us all with the launch of the Truke Fit Pro, one of the cheapest true wireless earphones which retailed for just Rs 999. The Truke Fit Pro was a go-to recommendation for someone looking to join the true wireless club for an ultra-low budget price of Rs 1000.

Recently, the brand awed us again with the launch of the Truke Fit Buds, a set of true wireless earphones retailing for just Rs 799, which is as cheap as a set of true wireless earphones can get, at least in the current situation. So, we have been using the device for quite some time, and, is it worth it? Let us discuss in this review of the Truke Fit Buds.

Truke Fit Buds Review: Design

Before we start the review, do keep in mind that with the kind of pricing that the Truke Fit Buds are spaced, some things are obviously cut down and are part of a brand’s cost-cutting measures to deliver the product at that price. In terms of the design, one will not be impressed with the same, considering the build is far from premium, with the case or the truke bud being made out of very cheap plastic which basically lends a toy-like feel to the buds. The lid is a bit heavy, which means it is not very easy to open with one hand and often requires a two-hand motion.

Similarly, the way the buds are nestled into the case is a bit weird and the area to take them out is so limited that one has to dig deep and take them out slowly, which is a bit of a hassle to some. While we cannot complain considering the price, how long the case lasts and the buds hold up are a major question and might even result in some cold feet while purchasing the same.

In terms of additional features, the buds come with Bluetooth 5.0, have quick pair functionality, and are available in two striking colors, Royal Blue and Carbon Black. In terms of the battery, the Buds claim to have 3.5-hours of battery life in a single charge, but in our testing, it was around the 2.5 to 3-hour mark.

The case features a 500 mAh battery, which can provide an additional charge of 20 hours, amounting to a total of 23-24 hours. But, enough of the design and stuff, what is a true wireless earphone supposed to do? It is a tool to listen to audio and for that, we must find out how the sound quality is. So, let us discuss the same.

Truke Fit Buds Review: Sound Quality

The sound of the Truke Fit Buds was one of the most shocking features of the same, considering the earbuds feature 10mm drivers, which for the pricing of the buds is quite interesting, as, some brands skimp on the size in the budget segment. While size does not matter (well it doesn’t), the slightly bigger drivers might help you out in terms of the bass and bass is what it provides.

The sound is bass-heavy and it usually overpowers other aspects of the sound and if listening at higher volumes, get ready for a headache due to poor tuning of the sound, and, the continuous thump that starts to get annoying when used for a longer time. While this kind of a soundstage focused more on the bass is not preferred by us, in a market like India where users are obsessed with Bollywood music that is full of thumps, we can’t complain about the same. Also, for the price, we ought not to complain as these sound better than other sets of earphones in the same or slightly expensive price range.

Truke Fit Buds Review: Verdict

Before we judge this product, we had to keep in mind it’s the price and the target audience. It isn’t made for the audiophile who appreciates instrument separation, a balanced sound stage etc, it is based on the person moving from the Rs 200-300 earphones to their first TWS earphones and for them this makes complete sense. The quality is the only thing that might raise some red flags, but, for our usage, we did not face any issues. That said, for just Rs 799, this is just amazing value and for someone on a super tight budget wishing to experience TWS heaven, this is their best bet.


1. Aggressive Pricing
2. Good color options
3. Good sound quality


1. Poor quality of plastic.
2. Bass-heavy sound.

Disclaimer: This product was thoroughly tested by the editor, whose thoughts regarding the product are being portrayed in the article. The Author did not test the product himself, but, has been briefed regarding the experience of the Editor post usage.